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Centralised real-time aviation self audits and approvals

MyAvSMART is the electronic version of your approved supplier list.


Creating a free of charge login and password allows you access to all our subscribed suppliers' self-audits and approvals. By clicking the add sign next to any supplier, you can add them to your list and receive updates for those selected.


  • Online copy of Self-Audit
  • Reports and Lists on MyAvSMART dashboard
  • One Self-Audit Form
  • Buyers rely on this data. An up to date Self-Audit shows commitment to staying a preferred supplier
  • Buyer and Supplier told in real time when Self-Audits & Approvals become due
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Buyers and Suppliers told when updates are made and to which fields
  • One stop shop for Aviation Self-Audits
  • See status of Suppliers in click of a button.
  • ILS Smart Link


  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Easier to Manage and Control
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Builds Trust
  • Instant Feedback
  • Data Reliability
  • Centralised & Standardised
  • More accessible
  • Avoids AOG situation
  • Link from ILS Inventory to Self-Audit for fast decisions in time critical situations.

AvSMART traffic light system

We ask our registered suppliers to keep their self-audit up-to-date and make changes whenever they occur. In cases where no updates are made in 11 months, a reminder is sent asking that they check their self-audit for accuracy. A second reminder is sent two weeks later, and a third one day before 12 months since last update.

Self-audits which are within this renewal period are amber flagged.

They can still be added to your list and you can click the envelope icon to send a reminder to the supplier and let them know you would like updates to be made.

Self-audits going 12 months or longer without update are red flagged (the plus sign changes from amber to red). You may still select this supplier for your list, should you accept the overdue status. Please continue to click the envelope icon from time to time to encourage return to green flag status.

We operate a similar system with certificates, a green tick meaning the certificates are current, an amber exclamation mark meaning they are out of date. Please click the envelope icon of any supplier with overdue certificates, to send the reminder for updates.

Logging in takes you directly to your dashboard. As you add suppliers you will see them listed on this page.

Modify / remove your account

for changes to password or to close your account.

Manage my company users

allow access to your list for any of your colleagues so everyone can see the same information. The main user, or system administrator, can add and remove supplier self-audits, other company users have "view only" access and must request the main user to add or remove a supplier.

New supplier request

you can request that any supplier joins AvSMART, thereby enabling their selection for your list. You can enter suppliers individually or use the "notify multiple suppliers" feature to download our spreadsheet, populate and upload your entire supplier list.

Download MyAvSMART

Should you wish to have a spread sheet of your selected suppliers, by clicking this tab you can download your list in XLS, XLSX, CSV or PDF format.

Also a supplier?

Whether an OEM, MRO or airline you might also supply parts or services and may wish to list your own self-audit. Please see the more info for Supplier Self-Audits page to learn more.

Would you like to see all your suppliers on AvSMART?

Please see the more info page for AvSMART Total to learn more about taking care of all your supplier self-audits.