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Centralised real-time aviation self audits and approvals

AvSMART Total has been created so you can, by invitation, ask all your suppliers to list their self-audit.


We know the aviation purchasing community would benefit hugely from having ALL their supplier self-audit information listed in one location, with exception reporting and flags for overdue listings. Please contact us for a quote and further information.

AvSMART Total Features

  • All your suppliers registered
  • Exception Reporting
  • Online copy of Self-Audit
  • Reports and Lists on MyAvSMART dashboard
  • One Self-Audit Form
  • Buyer and Supplier told in real time when Self-Audits & Approvals become due
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Buyers and Suppliers told when updates are made and to which fields
  • One stop shop for Aviation Self-Audits
  • See status of Suppliers in click of a button

AvSMART Total Benefits

  • One location for all your self-audit information
  • At a glance list status
  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Easier to Manage and Control
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Builds Trust
  • Instant Feedback
  • Data Reliability
  • Centralised & Standardised
  • More accessible
  • Avoids AOG situation