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Centralised real-time aviation self audits and approvals

AvSMART your one stop shop for
aviation approvals and self-audits.

Suppliers complete just one online form, rather than many paper questionnaires, which is then available to buyers worldwide.
Entering the name of any registered company will display their self-audits and approvals instantly, allowing buyers to make speedy decisions, imperative in critical or AOG situations.
When a supplier makes changes, these are automatically relayed via email directly to any buyer who has that supplier selected on their My AvSMART preferred supplierlist.

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Because AvSMART suppliers make updates at least annually, and as often as required, you can be sure that the information on the self-audit is up-to-date.  We use a “traffic light” system to indicate whether a self-audit is current , due for renewal within a month or overdue.  Reminders to renew can be sent by users simply by clicking an icon from their FOC My AvSMART account.
You’ve worked hard for your approvals so show them off. Nothing says “I’m reputable” better than displaying your self-audit and approval data on-line for all to see, and maintaining the information so buyers know they are viewing the latest information.
AVSMART has partnered with ILSmart (the world’s most active aviation marketplace) to provide a link directly from your capability and inventory to your self-audit. Buyers can immediately evaluate new suppliers and order with confidence, invaluable in time-critical situations with the likelihood of continued business. Now that’s SMART. 
Whats so great about AVSMART?

AvSMART helps aviation suppliers to sell effortlessly whilst promoting their high quality standards to the aviation community.

Simply put, we help streamline the purchasing process, assisting both buyer and supplier to begin and maintain a good business relationship.

Listing on aviation marketplaces may only gain sales if your company is already on a buyer’s approved supplier list as, traditionally, the paper self-audit process takes too long. This is especially the case in time critical situations. Registering with AvSMART means instant approval, avoiding purchasing delays and the possible affect this may have on both turn around and departure times.