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Centralised real-time aviation self audits and approvals

Becoming a member of means completing just one on-line self-audit.

On-line Self Audit

Upload all your approvals and certificates, then relax and direct your customers and potential clients to your comprehensively completed on-line form.


  • Your self-audit and approvals on-line, available to all buyers, standardised and centralised.
  • Buyers rely on this data. An up to date Self-Audit shows commitment to staying a preferred supplier.
  • Buyer and Supplier told in real time when Self-Audits & Approvals become due, when updates are made and to which fields.
  • ILS Smart Link.


  • Save paper, time and money – No more printed forms to complete, no more repetition which wastes time and resources.
  • Demonstrate compliance – Prospective buyers need to see the form and certificates ahead of placing orders to check you have the certification and quality processes they require.
  • Update anytime, from anywhere– Gained a new approval? Let your customers know without delay, login anywhere with internet access.
  • Updates compiled and communicated to customers – Your customers receive an email detailing which fields and certificates have been updated.
  • Link from Spares Marketplace – Link your ILS listed spares and capability directly to your self-audit. If you're an ILS user, you will see the AvSMART logo next to any joint ILS - AvSMART supplier who has the link. Buyers can sort by this column to make all those with the link appear first. Clicking the logo takes a buyer straight to your self-audit and instant purchasing decisions can then be made, increasing your chance of sales.

AvSMART traffic light system

We ask our registered suppliers to keep their self-audit up-to-date and make changes whenever they occur. In cases where no updates are made in 11 months, a reminder is sent asking that they check their self-audit for accuracy. A second reminder is sent two weeks later, and a third one day before 12 months since last update.

Self-audits which are within this renewal period are amber flagged.

Buyers can still add your company to their list and, by clicking this icon, can request updates are made.

Self-audits going 12 months or longer without update are red flagged (the plus sign changes from amber to red). Buyers can still select your company for their list, should they accept the overdue status, clicking the envelope icon from time to time to encourage return to green flag status.

We operate a similar system with certificates, a green tick meaning the certificates are current, an amber exclamation mark meaning they are out of date.

Logging in takes you directly to your dashboard. Here you can inform your customers that your self-audit is online using the "notify my buyers" tab.

Modify / remove your account

for changes to password or to close your account.

Manage my company users

If using "MyAvSMART" to manage your own suppliers, allow access to your list for any of your colleagues so everyone can see the same information. The main user, or system administrator, can add and remove supplier self-audits, other company users have "view only" access and must request the main user to add or remove a supplier.

Notify my Buyers

You can notify all your buyers that your self-audit is listed at AvSMART, thereby enabling your selection for their list. You can enter buyers individually or use the "notify multiple buyers" feature to download our spreadsheet, populate and upload your entire customer list.

Also a buyer?

As an OEM, MRO or supplier you will also purchase parts and may wish to build your own, free of charge, approved supplier list. Please see the more info page for MyAvSMART to learn more.